06 Compliance Management

Compliance Management #

In this section we will go over how to properly manage the compliance of your projects and groups. This allows us to perform separation of duties.

Step 1: Setting up Compliance Labels and Pipelines #

  1. Go to the Workshop group you created

  2. Go to Settings > General

  3. Scroll down to and Expand Compliance Frameworks

  4. Press the Add Framework Button

  5. Provide the following and then press the Add Framework button

  • Name
  • Description
  • Compliance pipeline configuration: path/file.yaml@group-name/project-name

Note My Compliance Pipeline Configuration is compliance/.compliance_gdpr.yml@tech-marketing/devsecops/devsecops-workshop/workshop-manifests which is the path to the yaml in the workshop-manifests project.

Step 2: Testing Compliance Pipelines #

  1. Go to the WorkShop Notes Project

  2. Click on the CI/CD left navigation menu and click on Pipelines

  3. Click on Run Pipeline

  4. Ensure that the main branch is selected

  5. Click on the pipeline, and the new running pipeline should be the pipeline described in the Compliance Pipeline Configuration file.

Step 3: Compliance Report #

  1. Within your group, go to Security & Compliance > Compliance Report

Here you’ll be able to see recent merge-request activity. Check out the approval status.

Step 4: Audit Events #

  1. Go to Security & Compliance > Audit Events

Here you can track important events in your group or project. The events recorded can be seen here.

Step 5: Remove Compliance Label #

Now we can easily remove the compliance label we added earlier so that our project can run it’s regular pipeline.

  1. Go to your Project

  2. Go to Settings > General

  3. Click on the Expand button in the Compliance framework section

  4. Select None from the dropdown.

  5. Press the Save changes button

Congratulations! You just learned how to manage the compliance of your project and separation of duties.

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