08 Other Topics

Other Topics #

In this Section, I’ll touch upon some a few other topics which you can leverage to get full usage out of GitLab’s Security Solutions.

OnDemand Scans #

On-Demand Scans can be used to run DAST whenever we choose as well as on a schedule.

  1. Go to Security & Compliance > On-Demand Scans

You will be taken to the On-demand scans list which contains a list of scans which have been run in the past with additional details.

  1. Click on the New DAST scan button

  2. Provide a Scan name and Description

  3. Select a Scanner profile or create your own

  4. Select a Site profile or create your own

  5. Click on the Schedule scan box and select a Start time.

  6. Press Save and run scan

Dependency List #

  1. Make sure you have Dependency Scanning enabled on the main branch.

  2. Go to Security & Compliance > Dependency List

Here you can see a list of Dependencies which includes the following sections:

  • Component
  • Packager
  • Location
  • License
  • Vulnerabilties Detected

GraphQL API #

With GitLab’s GraphQL API, we can perform functions on Security Vulnerabilites. This makes it easy to write our own reporting tools.

  1. Create a Personal Access Token

Congratulations! You have now successfully completed this workshop. Want to Contribute and add to this project? See the Contribution Documentation.

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